Welcome to my website and my blog! After having such a fantastic turnout for my herbal class series in January, I decided to teach another series in May. I am excited about the interest that is taking hold on herbal education in general and that I can be a part of the learning process.

I am now in the midst of thinking about what 4 topics I would like to teach in May and what you would be interested in learning. Of course, Spring will be just starting up in our neck of the woods, so there has got to be something on gardening with herbs…perhaps companion planting? And, of course, Springtime is the perfect time to detox from the heavy winter season, so perhaps some information on that and those nutritious early springtime herbs that pop up first in our yards….there is a reason for that, you know…I would also like to focus on one particular herb so we can get to know each other more intimately…lemonbalm, perhaps?